Phoenix Park

Phoenix Park

Monday, 31 October 2016

Korea 2015 : Everland

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Everland was the overcrowded bus.  We took bus no. 5002 from Gangnam station exit 5 at around 8 plus.  We didn't know it at that time but most of the crowd at the bus stand was waiting for that same bus.  By the time we got in the bus, we had to stand and squeezed in with other people.  It doesn't help that the buses in Korea do not turn on the air-con during winter even when it is packed from back to door.  It was really warm, even after we had taken off our winter jackets and sweaters.  And the journey took about 2 hours due to the morning rush hours. 
The next time we go to Everland, I would go to a bus stand way before the Gangnam stop just to get a seat and avoid having to stand. 
And go home before the closing time.  The bus stand at Everland were very crowded at closing time with people queuing for the many different buses there.  While we were queuing for bus no. 5002 at Everland bus stand, a group of tourist kept pushing the people in front.  When the bus arrived, these people didn't care that there were children in front and kept pushing forward.  My family and I were ones of the first in the queue, followed by a young Korean couple.  When they pushed forward, we almost fell off the pavement.  Luckily, we managed to grab hold of each other.  Some of the tourist tried to jump queue in front of us and were quickly followed by the others.  The Korean couple were plastered against us.  My husband then put his hands around the kids and I and held onto the bus door frame, making a barricade which enable us to get on the bus safely.   If he didn't do that, we would have fallen off the pavement as we tried to get on the bus which would have resulted in a stampede. 
So my advice is : find an alternative bus stand other than the Gangnam bus stop, go back to Seoul early or pay extra for one of those private coaches.

Everland itself was a delight although we spent most of the day at the Safari. 

View of the animals from within the Safari bus

Christmas light display at Everland

The ever famous tree which appeared in an episode of RunningMan.

 And that concludes our 2015 trip to Korea.


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